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Only Exception (Lucci x Reader) Ch. 5

“Sissy!” Damon called.
“I’m in the kitchen, what is it?”
“Someone’s here to see you!”
I wiped my hands on the dish towel then went over to my front door to be greeted by a man with pinkish hair and half of his face covered by a leather mask.
“Who are you?”
“Come on you must know me by now (Y/N)?”
“Excuse me?”
The man smirked and snickered.  His laugh sounded vaguely familiar.
“Think back to seventeen years ago, when I dragged your pathetic father out of Water 7 onto the Sea Train to Ennies Lobby.”
Suddenly, a flash of memories flew by my eyes; me running after my father while he was being arrested and loaded onto the Sea Train.
“Or,” he interrupted my thoughts, “you may remember me as his father.”
The man pointed at Damon who was clinging to my pant leg.  Now, I remember.
“You’re Spandam.”
Pushing Damon
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Broken Wings (Soundwave x Reader)

Reading my scanner I was getting closer to an energon signal.  Megatron sent me to the tundra by myself to investigate this signal and discover if it’s a weapon we could use or a dud.  The cold was reacting with my audio receptors, so it was becoming increasingly difficult to communicate back to the Nemesis.  I had to be careful in this cold area because I could be frozen here.
“Where is it?” I asked to no one in particular.
Suddenly there were voices coming from the end of the cavern I was walking through.  Autobots, and one of them sounded like Optimus Prime.  Great just what I need, to be outnumbered in the tundra against Autobots.  However, I could trap them down here if I was able to cause a cave in.  With a sinister grin, I made my way to the end of the cave to an opening where I saw both Optimus and Bulkhead digging into the icy wall.  Vaguely, I could see a small container and I was as
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Mature content
Star Cross Sparks (Knockout x Reader) Final :iconfullmoonwolf:fullmoonwolf 3 0
Live A Little (Soundwave x Reader)

“(C/N) get in here immediately!” Megatron’s voice boomed through the comm link.
“Is it absolutely necessary?” I groaned back.
“Now (C/N) before I send Starscream to retrieve you!”
“Ohh I’m so scared.”
Cutting off the comm link I hopped off of my berth then walked out of my room towards the main bridge.  Megatron must be in one of his raging moods again, and he felt like taking it out on me.  Entering the bridge Megatron was facing the main monitor while Soundwave was searching data on the left computer and Starscream was glaring at me.  
“(C/N) where have you been?!” Megatron spat.
“Kicking it with Arcee,” I answered sarcastically.  
“Why weren’t you on your mission as I assigned it?” he turned around baring his jagged teeth.
“Because I was smart to know that if you sent me to the Arctic Circle with Starscream, the first sig
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Star Crossed Sparks (Knockout x Reader) Ch. 8

Optimus’ POV
The choice is mine?  I have to decide between the two bots who matter to me most, my sparkmate and my sparkling.  Looking down at my fallen daughter my spark ached, she made the ultimate sacrifice for the Autobot cause.  Sighing heavily, I laid (C/N)’s body back down then stood up to face Knockout.
“Knockout can you aid Ratchet in repairing (C/N)’s spark chamber?”
“I’ll do anything for her,” he answered sincerely.
“What?  You want to trust him Optimus?” Ratchet questioned.
“(C/N) and Bumblebee trust Knockout, he even risked his own life to try and get her off of the Nemesis.  To turn his back on the Decepticons to save an Autobot shows that he has a good spark.  Now you all please return to base…I have some business to take care of.”
I looked down at (C/N) once more before I turned around and walked over to where Aurora
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Star Crossed Sparks (Knockout x Reader) Ch. 7

Bumblebee’s POV
(C/N)’s signal was no longer on the Nemesis, she was moved somewhere else.
“What happened?” Bulkhead asked.
“Another ground bridge must have moved her,” Ratchet answered.
“Can this hunk of scrap move any faster?” Arcee questioned.  “Lock onto her signal already!”
“I’m doing the best I can!” Ratchet snapped.  “There!”
Ratchet locked onto her signal and opened a ground bridge.
“Autobots, roll out!” Optimus commanded.
We all transformed into our alt modes and we went into overdrive through the ground bridge.  We arrived in some sort of desert ruins of an arena of sorts.  In the middle was a forcefield dome and (C/N) was facing off against a femme bot while Megatron looked on, and Knockout was fighting off Vehicons.
“Optimus, so nice of you to finally join us!” Megatron praised.
Optimus formed his b
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Cure for Insomnia (Zoro x Reader) AU

Nights were long and endless as I could no longer make my eyes close so I can drift off to sleep.  Unfortunately, long hours at work and constant studying was not helping at all.  Insomnia was slowly overtaking me with many sleepless nights.  Being a student and working was not as easy as it seemed, especially when you were out on your own.  Well, almost on my own.
The front door to the apartment opened to my boyfriend who was carrying a plastic bag probably filled with some groceries from the store.  After he locked the door he turned to see me sitting on the couch, textbooks sprawled around, and me restlessly working on the last bit of my essay.
“(Y/N) you’re off early tonight?”
“Oh, hey Zoro yeah my boss scheduled me and Nami at the same time but she needed the hours so I came home.”
He moved my math book then sat next to me wrapping a muscled arm around my shoulders.
“So you came home
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Star Crossed Sparks (Knockout x Reader) Ch. 6

(C/N)’s POV
I slowly rolled my head while onlining my optics to take in my surroundings.  Though blurry I could tell that I was not back at base but on the Decepticon warship.  Trying to move I felt that I was being held upright by electrical cables and my pedes were sealed in a floor seal that were sending occasional shocks through my body rendering me immobile.
“You’re awake.”
Moving my helm to the side I noticed that Knockout was there with some medical utensils on a bench beside him.
He walked over to me and pressed a few digits on my abdomen.  I hissed in pain but he tried to keep me still.
“You know if you wanted to see me, you didn’t have to get yourself captured,” he smirked.
“What can I say…missed ya.”
I tried to laugh but it hurt to much.  My chassis felt like it was caved in, almost as if I was beaten in before I was bound.
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Thankful For (Detective!Smoker x Reader) AU

“Alright we’ve got my parents, my brother, and my grandmother coming what about you Smoker?”
Smoker’s attention was not on the conversation but on his case paperwork.  He has been in the home office for the past few days focused on his work and smoking cigars more often.  He’s been really busy lately trying to solve a case for murder, but we have a holiday coming up and he says that he captured the suspect.  I rubbed my temples thinking that I should just call his parents and invite them along with his siblings.
“Never mind then,” I tried to sound cheerful.
I pushed off from where I was leaning against the door sill and made my way over to the kitchen.  The coffee had just finished brewing so I poured a cup, added some creamer, then walked back over to the office and placed the cup on the desk in front of Smoker.
He snapped his head up becoming aware of me placing his coffee in front of h
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Star Cross Sparks (Knockout x Reader) Ch. 5

Knockout’s POV
Megatron requested me to come to the bridge as soon as possible so I left the med bay right after I finished buffing.  However, I still have not buffed out the scratch that (C/N) left on my door; yeah she’s really grown on me.  When I entered through the doors to the bridge I noticed Megatron staring upon a slab that had what looked to be a fallen bot.
“You rang Lord Megatron.”
“Knockout there you are,” he sneered.  “I was beginning to think that you were out racing among humans again.”
“Only in my spare time.”
“Come Knockout I need your expertise in this experiment.”
I approached the slab and upon it lay the form of a fallen femme with a (f/c) base paint in real need of a repaint, and (2nd f/c) finishes.  The slim build of this femme seemed oddly familiar, her helm was dented severely, obvious she fell in battl
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Star Crossed Sparks (Knockout x Reader) Ch. 4

Bumblebee’s POV
I had just picked up Raf from school and was heading back to base.
“Thanks for the pickup Bee,” he said.
You’re welcome.
I noticed that something was off about Raf, he almost seemed sad.
What’s going on bud?
“I’m just thinking.  I haven’t seen (C/N) in a few days.  Do you think she’s okay?”
To be honest I don’t know because I haven’t seen her myself.  I think she just needs to think some things out and she’ll come back out of her berth room.”
“I sure hope so.  I kinda miss her.”
Raf noticed something in the back seat and reached for it.
“Hey what’s this?  Was this from your last mission in Egypt?”
Yeah, it was in that tomb we fell in.  I thought that (C/N) might want it since she practically spaced out on me when she saw
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Star Crossed Sparks (Knockout x Reader) Ch. 3

The sands were flying by with the subtle wind grazing by.  Bee’s energon detector was faint but we followed the sound towards the pyramids.
“So racing every night?” Bumblebee started.
“Leave it alone Bee, we are still on comm link.”
“I turned mine off so we could talk, we haven’t talked in a little bit.”
I switched off my comm link and trusted Bee’s words.  We usually didn’t like people in our conversations.
“I know and I’m sorry, I just wanted to have some fun away from everyone.  Not that I don’t love you guys, it’s just…it gets crowded.”
“You’re my best friend and you know that you can trust me with anything, no matter how bad it is.  I’ve got your back.”
“Thanks Bee, but I don’t think that you would get this one.”
“Oh yeah try me.”
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Star Crossed Sparks (Knockout x Reader) Ch. 2

It was becoming a routine now; everyday I was at base training, or going on recon missions and every other night I was going to the races and winning.  At every race I would see Knockout there and he would flirt with me and I would flirt back.  He was actually good company regardless that he’s technically my enemy.  When we raced together, or even just hung around the strip and talked about random things slowly getting to know each other as bots, not enemies.
“Good race tonight guys,” Logan said.
“Thanks,” I smiled.
“I’m shocked that you don’t take the money you made Blue, I mean you could…”
He motioned towards Knockout who was leaning against the side of his car with his arms crossed.
“I could what?” I raised a brow.
“Come on Blue, I see how you look at him and how he looks at you.  You two are digging on each other.”
“What?  No we are
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Star Cross Sparks (Knockout x Reader) Ch. 1

Transformers Prime-Verse
(C/N): Cybertronion Name
(F/C): Favorite Color
(H/C): Hair Color
Short Bio: Daughter of Optimus Prime, sports his royal blue color and eyes with (f/c) linings.  You are the size of Arcee and have a sleek build because your alt mode is a royal blue Ferrari Italia 458.  
*~Story Begins~*
“Ratchet open a ground bridge!”
“On it Optimus,” Ratchet radioed in.
“(C/N) fall back!”
“I’ll catch up!” I replied while deflecting another Vehicon.
“Fall back now!”
I shot down the Vehicon then ran towards the ground bridge where our leader was waiting for me.  Stepping through we made it back to our base to see Ratchet closing the bridge behind us.
“(C/N),” my father’s voice echoed with seriousness.  “You are not listening to orders.”
“Dad, I can handle lowly Decepticons.  It’s sad really how Megatron enlists w
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All Hallow's Eve (Death x Reader)

Halloween was one of the best holiday’s ever for me.  I enjoy the decorations, the costumes, the practical jokes, and the candy.  My best memories were made on Halloween with friends or my family.  Also, I enjoy this day because I can be my own weird and funny self with no judgement.  
However, those days of fun have, sadly, been lost in the wind.  Ever since the Apocalypse hit Earth, or the Third Kingdom as my traveling companion liked to refer Earth as, life has been a struggle.  Struggle is an understatement but that’s beside the point.  
“We’ll rest here for the night,” Death said.
“Huh, but we’ll lose light we should go further.”
“No, not tonight.”
“Why not?”
“You do know what tonight is right?”
“I don’t know, do you know what tonight is?” I countered.
Dust squawked as if to laugh at Death getting a taste of hi
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Naruto Oneshot? 

10 deviants said Sasuke
4 deviants said Naruto
4 deviants said Neji
2 deviants said Kiba



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