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Unmasked (Nightwing x OC) Ch. 8

The underwater sub surfaced and I waited patiently behind some crates watching for someone to exit the sub, but it remained still.
“Come on come on, I know you’re in there.”
No further action was happening, it was as if the sub was placed to be a decoy.  Wait…that’s exactly what this is.  Talia wanted me to find this sub and blow it up for her get a signal to move.
“Batman, where are you?”
“I’m in the company heading towards the garage.”
“Head the the warehouse now, they’ve set a decoy here for me at the docks.  The assassins are loading up your missiles right now, and are waiting for me to attack this sub so that they can get out of there.”
“They’re here in my company?!”
“Yes, and you better not get distracted if Talia is there.”
“I won’t.”
“Nightwing, hold off on attacking the sub here.”
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Dragon Fire (Kili x OC) Ch. 12

Some time has passed and the redness in my veins began to turn black as if my blood was tainted.  No matter how many times I tried different healing spells, nothing seemed to work.  My arms would not cease the pulsating pain, all I could do was try to massage them gently.  Somehow, my magic does not want to work anymore and I’m losing myself.
I made a promise, I made a promise to Tiamet to not lose myself and think of those who are important to me.  How can I keep my promise when those who are supposed to be important to me have betrayed me and are willing to let me die to claim back some treasure under some mountain.
Cramped in this small cell with Drake, I couldn’t help but feel with the passing time the distance grew rapidly between us.  Was it a good idea to come back to Middle Earth?  If we never came here, we wouldn’t be in this situation and we’d be back in our small loft and closer than e
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Don't Share My Sorrow (Kakashi x Reader)

It’s becoming more frequent for Kakashi to visit the Memorial Stone, especially since word of this war we are preparing for.  I’ve given him distance for some time, but now it’s almost like he never comes home anymore.  If he does, he’ll shower then go back out to train his students.  This time, after two months of not speaking, I finally decided to follow him to the Memorial Stone.  
Being greater at stealth than Kakashi was a great advantage because he would not detect my presence.  Keeping to the shadows I followed him until I was quite a distance away from him as he stood before the Memorial Stone.  
Kakashi’s eyes were downturned and still as he gazed straight at the stone.  His eyes didn’t motion to look at another name, just one.  In my heart, I knew who’s name he read over and over again.  Holding my composure to not give away my position, I st
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Treasure (Mihawk x OC) Ch. 5

Mihawk’s POV
The winds have changed; the sky became dark and the weather damp as I journeyed back home.  Even though I trusted Gitana fully, I can’t help but feel anxious when I am not with them.  They are my whole world, and I cannot allow anything to happen to them.
The wind began to pickup, giving me the opportunity to release all sails and move faster through the current.  Traveling further I could hear the faint call of a dolphin?  Did it get lost from it’s pod?  Making it through the fog I noticed the dolphin cry grew louder I noticed it’s silhouette off in the distance, and it looked like it was dragging something.
Suddenly, something hit the side of my boat.  Looking over the side, I noticed loose debris from a ship as if it was blown to pieces.  As I maneuvered through the wreckage something red caught my eye; a red sash was floating in the water, Gitana’s sash.  I
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Werewolf Reunion (Derek x OC) Ch. 11

I was finishing up polishing my car and adding a few last details, I decided to go with a black exterior, when Derek came into the garage and he wore the scent of another female.  I growled under my breath suddenly feeling territorial.
"She looks good," he commented.
"Phew, yeah she's a beauty. Where were you this morning?”
"Recruiting.  A girl at the high school who's an epileptic.  She went into the hospital and that's where I made my offer.”
I paused for a moment thinking about this. I know I kind’ve agreed to help make a pack by discussing a game plan, but that didn’t mean that I still wanted to follow through with it.  But to get insight to what he was thinking, I fed into him.
"What's her name?”
"Erica, a little frail. Hopefully, the Bite will cause her seizures to stop. She has agreed to join us. But while there, I saw another guy. Built like a real warrior. I found out his name was Boyd.
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Werewolf Reunion (Derek x OC) Ch. 10

The bed felt lighter next to me. Opening up my eyes I became aware that Derek is not next to me like he usually is.
*Hmm, maybe he's downstairs,* I shrug off the absence.
Getting out of bed, I make up the bed, go into the bathroom and do the morning usual: pulling my hair back, brushing my teeth, etc.  Once I finish I go downstairs into the kitchen hoping to see Derek, but to my dismay, he's not in the kitchen or the living room.
*Hmm, I wonder where he is?*
Walking to the fridge I pull out a yogurt and set the coffee. Looking out the window I notice heavy gray clouds up ahead.
*It's gonna rain today, maybe I'll sleep good tonight. I think I'll go work on my poor car.*
Finishing up my yogurt, I set the coffee then went upstairs to change into some jeans, sneakers, and an old white wife-beater. Coming back downstairs, the coffee was finished so I made a cup and walked out into the garage. I opened the garage door to let in th
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Open Up To Me (Loki x OC) Ch. 12

The next morning when I woke up, I finally felt like I got a good night’s rest.  When I opened my eyes, I noticed that Loki was no longer beside me on the bed.  Leaning up to stretch, I didn’t see Toby sleeping beside the bed.
“Maybe he’s in the living room.”
After a few more stretches I went into the bathroom to freshen up and then walk towards the living room where I found Toby eating out of his dish, and Loki fumbling with something in the kitchen.
“Good Morning,” he greeted with a smile.
“Yeah, good morning.”
Toby rushed over whining for me to pet him.  I kneeled down to give him his morning scratches.
“Good morning to you too bud!”
He licked my face lovingly, then went back to finish eating.  Wiping a bit of slobber away from my face, I walked over to Loki who was grabbing some eggs from the fridge, and touched his back.  Loki turned to engulf me in his a
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Only Exception (Lucci x Reader) Ch. 4

“Come on Sissy!  It’s going to be so cool,” Bubba begged.
“I said no.  Now get your backpack you’re going to be late for school.”
“Please, I won’t ask for anything else all year!  I promise!”
I kneeled down to his level.
“When I say no, I mean no.  Not maybe, not yes, not even I’ll think about it.  Do you understand?”
“But all of our friends are going!”
“Damon come on!  I gotta get you guys to school!”
Damon scurried down the steps totting around his backpack that was a little too big for him.  Though Bubba was trying to pout I ignored him.  He’s not going to beg me to change my mind, when I say no, no means no.
Heading down the street, I checked my watch and I was going to be late for work.
“Just my luck.”
I picked up Damon and hoisted him up on my back, then grabbed Bubba
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Dragon Flame (Kili x OC) Ch. 11

We travelled together again, just like before, only we were currently running from another warg pack hunting us.  We were able to get a few leagues away to take a breather, however, I sensed something else nearby.
“As if we don’t have enough problems,” I groaned.
“There should be a safe place somewhere!” Fili exclaimed.
“There is a house, it’s not far from here, where we might take refuge,” Gandalf explained.
 “Whose house? Are they friend or foe?” Thorin questioned.
“Neither. He will help us, or he will kill us.”
Thorin looked down in dismay.
“What choice do we have?”
“None,” Gandalf confirmed matter-of-factly.
“May the odds be ever in our favor?”
“Did you just quote the Hunger Games?” Drake questioned.
We took off running at Gandalf’s command to follow him.  Running through the forest, I co
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Only Exception (Lucci x Reader) Ch. 3

“Wahh!!  You shameless girl!  What are you wearing?!” Paulie screamed at me.
“Paulie try to say that without checking me out in the process.”
Paulie tried to put his denim jacket over me but I elbowed him in the stomach.
“Dude!  It’s 110 degrees out here!  Leave me alone!”
“And you’re not properly dressed!”
“There is nothing wrong with what I have on!”
“Put this on now!”
I looked at his jacket then gave him a smile.
“Alright Paulie, I’ll put it on.”
I reached for the jacket but instead I grabbed the sleeve and tied it around his wrist then turned him around to lock his arm.
“Ow hey!”
“Hey Tilestone!” I called out.  “Catch!”
I pushed Paulie over the side of the scaffolding.
“(Y/N) you bi—waaah!”
Tilestone caught Paulie before he hit the ground and I went back to work on ha
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Only Exception (Lucci x Reader) Ch. 2

“Alright men pull!”
All of us heaved to free the ship from the ramp and let it out towards the sea.  The ship hit the water with a splash; another successful repair.
“Haul the next one in!” Tilestone called.
Another ship was being brought in so I grabbed a nearby rope and helped to haul in the next ship. This one was in rough shape, but since the bottom support was still in good standing we could fix the rest of the damage.  I whistled in examination.
“Wow this thing has been through hell,” I comment.  
“You think it’s salvageable?” Paulie asked Kaku.
“I’m about to find out.”
Kaku jumped up to the top deck to start his evaluation while we went to our stations to prepare for the next job.  Over the last five months I’ve been working in the shipyard with Paulie and I couldn’t have been happier.  Not only was I able to make more money, but I wor
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Only Exception (Lucci x Reader) Ch. 1

Dragging my feet along the pavement sluggishly, I rubbed my tired eyes to keep myself awake for just one more block.  Working double shifts at the bar was getting more tiresome everyday.  Water 7 was going through a small recession and money right now in my situation was getting tighter and tighter everyday.  Hell, I didn’t even get a lot of tips tonight since most of our clientele are pirates.  Most of them thought flirting with me and trying to get me to go home with them would be tip enough.
Finally, when I made it to my ‘house’ which was a small shack on the outside of town on Scrap Island, I opened the door to see my two younger brothers still up.
“Hey, what are you two still doing up?”
“We were waiting for you Sissy!” the older exclaimed.
“Bubba,” I addressed, “It’s way past your bedtime and you have school tomorrow.”
“Now Bubb
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Prayer Hands by fullmoonwolf Prayer Hands :iconfullmoonwolf:fullmoonwolf 1 0
Treasure (Mihawk x OC) Ch. 4

It was early in the morning when I woke unable to sleep anymore.  Sitting up, I looked over to Mihawk who was sleeping soundly.  His breathing was even and slow letting me know that he was still in a deep sleep.  I leaned over to peck his lips before getting up to start the day.  
After freshening up I quietly left the bedroom and walked down the hall towards our daughters’ room.  Peeking in her bedroom, she was still sound asleep curled up in her blanket, ebony tresses covering her pillow.  I walked in the room to open the curtains to let the sunshine in.
Marcelina groan slightly trying to block out the light by burying her face in her pillow.  I sat on the edge of her bed and gently rubbed her back.
“Buenos dias, mija.  It’s time to get up.  Don’t you want to help Mama cook breakfast for Papa before he leaves?”
“Mm, but Mama I’m still sleepy.”
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Treasure (Mihawk x OC) Ch. 3

“Mi amada,” his deep voice cooed while his calloused fingers grazed the skin of my shoulder.  “I know you’re awake.”
Chuckling slightly I opened my eyes and turned my head around slightly to meet his golden orbs gazing at me lovingly.
“Mi amor,” I whispered while turning around, “it’s still early.”
“I know, but I will be leaving soon.”
Cuddling closer into his neck, I inhaled his musk finding comfort in just his presence.  I sighed heavily while running my fingers over his exposed chest.
“Must you go to these meetings?  It’s becoming more frequent lately, and I need you right now.”
“I know mi amada, but being a warlord comes with responsibility.  Also,” he rubbed his hand over my swollen stomach, “I need to protect both of you.”
“But it’s getting close to that time,” I placed my hand over his on top
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Angel's Tears (Dante x OC) Ch. 3

Dante’s POV
“Son of a bitch!!!” I shouted and slammed my fists on the ground.
Using my demon powers, I slaughtered every demon that was summoned out of that book.  Rage filled my body as I showed no mercy to any demon.  After each and every one of them was dead and blood stained my blade, I turned to Trish.
“You,” I growled, “what have you done?!”
“I thought it would banish the demons Dante!”
I rushed her, hoisting her up by her throat against the wall.  I forgave this woman, I trusted this woman, now she betrayed me once more.
“After everything we’ve been through, after all that you’ve put me through, you do this!!  Where is she now?!” I demanded.
“Answer me you fucking devil!” 
I pulled out Ivory and pointed it between her eyes.  She was afraid of me, and she should be; she
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